8 thoughts on “Doghouses”

  1. Can you give me the prices and sizes on your doghouses? I have two dogs so Style 5 might be appropriate. One dog is a West Highland terrier and the other is a German Short haired Pointer (50 lbs…tall …and still growing! I am about 80 miles south of Vegas in Dolan Springs, Az.

  2. I was hoping to order a dog house and have it delivered. We live in Atascadero area. The dog house we want is the DG style 3 barn deluxe dog house. How much is shipping? You did our chicken coop too. The color we want is from Home Depot it’s called mocha accent with white trim.

  3. WE are interested in dog house 2 in the colors of doghouse 5
    we have a golden lab and he needs a home outside our home….
    what would be the price
    with and without delivery we
    are in san diego california

  4. What are your prices, and do you deliver to Arroyo Grande? I am looking to make a dog village for my 4 dogs and potbelly pig. I have a deck built outside my kitchen window for the village, just need the dog houses to put there. Thinking of making it look like a real old fashioned rustic town. Is this something you could do?

  5. I am interested in your style 5. I have 2 large yellow labs. they have been together since birth. So I want a house big enough that can be together. Can you do two doors instead of one?

  6. Can I have the price for Doghouse Style 1? And can you tell me if the size is appropriate for ann 80lbs german shepherd. Thank you.

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